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Kim Stribling is a Master Life Coach who empowers herself and others to live an Extraordinary Life!  She has been employed with the State of Michigan for 29 years.  At the Department of Human Services, she has served as a Peer Coach, Safe Family Team Meeting Facilitator, Children’s Protective Services worker, Program Manager for Children’s Protective Services, Team Decision Meeting (TDM) facilitator, Permanency Planning Conference (PPC) facilitator, Genesee County Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) Coordinator and Departmental Analyst for MYOI in Lansing, Michigan. 


Most recently Kim served as one of three Peer Coaches at the Genesee County Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. She has served on the Faith Based Initiative in Genesee County and acts in a supportive role for Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) and Genesee County DHHS expert in safe TALK and ASIST (suicide prevention). Kim works with older foster youth to ensure more positive results in the areas of education, employment, housing, physical/medical health, community involvement and achieving permanency for aging out foster care youth.

In addition, Kim has worked with children, parents, families, community supports and service providers formal and informal to bring wholeness and healing to areas of needs and concerns for clients served.


Prior to coming to the Department, Kim worked for the University of Michigan-Flint as the Student Services Assistant for the Educational Outreach Program. Kim received her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Maryland. In May of 2019, Kim completed a three-year program of bible study at Agape Faith Bible Training Center. In August of 2014, Kim completed a ten-week Master Mind Group “Think and Grow Rich”: Napoleon Hill under the tutelage of Dr. Joseph Rodriguez Sr.

Certifications & traininG

  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science- May 1985

  • Agape Faith Bible Training Center, Bachelor of Biblical Studies- May 2019

  • Life on Fire Academy-Business Coaching- February 2021

  • Employment- Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) August 1992 to present 

  • Peer Coach/Family Team Facilitator/Team Decision Making Meeting Facilitator/Children's Protective Service Investigator/ Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative Coordinator (foster youth leadership board) and Statewide Analyst

  • Minister/Teacher- Bible College and Youth Ministry and New members class/Intercessory Prayer leader @Agape Faith Fellowship, Birch run Michigan 2014

  • Trauma Informed Lens

  • safeTALK and ASIST (suicide prevention)

  • Mental health first aide

  • Domestic violence 

  • Substance Abuse

  • Solution Focused 

  • Problem Solving

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Family Team Meeting and Team Decision Making

  • Strategic Planning


Potential resides deep within YOU...Each child, man and woman has God given talents, gifts and abilities...tap into that reservoir or river...Irrigate or prime...and streams of abundance will come gushing forth...hence YOU BEGIN to live the EXTRA Ordinary Life!

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