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Life Coaching for Individuals, Groups, and Families

Living the EXTRAordinary Life Coaching can help people of all ages deal with conflicts, depression, anxiety, and family or work issues. We will work together to unleash the power of positivity and allow your mind to be free to find peace and harmony so you can start living an EXTRAordinary Life.

You know deep within lies Untapped Greatness...and you need something, someone to help you get to your next level.


Time for You to Think Higher - Time for You to Think Bigger - Time for You to Shine


Let us help you with:

  • One-on-One Life Coaching

  • Groups, Couples, and Team Coaching

  • Daily or Weekly Communications - Words of Encouragement via Text, Email, or Phone

  • Dream Session Therapy - Canvass writing on the Imagination

  • Mastermind Sessions - The mind is massively powerful…bring together the team and the mind….together…Master the “EXTRA Ordinary Life”. 

  • Family Team Meetings (FTM) - Family Team Meeting (FTM)- A meeting of the Team or a bringing together of a supportive team which could include significant others/spouse, relatives, friends, neighbors, formal supports-past or current service providers, informal supports i.e., faith leaders, community organizations, etc. The goal of the FTM is to reach a consensus. Examples of FTM's include:

    • Conflict Resolution and Mediation

    • Harmonious Custody Relationships

    • Family Harmony

    • Parent and Child Relationship

    • Identify Love Language and promoting Healthy Relationships

    • “Game plan for Life”

    • Promoting Life vs. Suicide

  • Motivational Speaker and Conference Speaker

  • Workshops

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Sunrise on Nature

It is easier and more comfortable to play it in the familiar zone or status quo. You may say one day...I will invest in ME! One day turns into two days, three days...and many years pass. You look up and you have become an EXTRA

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