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TO Think Higher.
TO Think Bigger.
TO Shine.

Hi, I'm Kim! I have worked for DHHS for 29 years. In addition, I have mentored and coached professional peers, children, mother's, father's, and families to target area's of needed growth, establish action steps, set time frames to meet achievable goals. I specialize in facilitating family team meetings that bring together difficult and opposing participants who eventually reach a consensus by the end of the meeting.

About Me

how to live an extraordinary life

Kim's engagement and personal skills allow her to meet people where they are and motivate them to act. She offers the gift to encourage a way to live an EXTRAordinary Life. With over 25 years of experience, Kim is a solution-focused Life Coach who helps her clients move forward and get unstuck from whatever negative situation is holding them back. She will hone in, give attention and focus to the "real person" and develop desired goals to create successful outcomes. Kim specializes in the following areas:

  • Diffusing conflict among Teams, Individuals, and Families

  • Managing Foster Youth Conflicts

  • Bringing Teams and Families Together

  • Building Practical Life Goals and Actions to Win at Life

  • Overcoming Personal Obstacles or Pain

  • Mentoring Youth throughout Specific Life Stages


"Kim Stribling has a permeating positive attitude and excels at motivation. She is a highly skilled social worker and is a phenomenal coach."


Forest Trees

Sometimes life's journey, misfortunes or hard times, stifle or hamper your courage to cultivate the "real you". Fear of the unknown can paralyze you and stop you from action or taking a step of faith and invest in YOU.

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